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Free Food For All And All For Free

Free Food For All And All For Free

Helping vulnerable people in need has long been a cornerstone of BALCProject’s corporate responsibility initiatives. Today, doing so is central to our ambitious BALCProject’s Better Days commitment to create Better Days for vulnerable people in our community. As part of this goal, we intend to feed as much people in need through food donations to the public, expanded homeless feeding programs and relief.

Too often still, we think we know what poverty looks like.

It’s the way we’ve been taught, the images we’ve been force-fed for decades.

The chronically homeless.

The undocumented immigrant.

The urban poor, politicians still too often reference.

Walk INN Food Bank

But as income inequality rises to record levels in the UK, even in the midst of a record economic expansion, those familiar images are outdated, hurtful, and counterproductive to focusing attention on solutions and building ladders of opportunity.

Today’s faces of income inequality and lack of opportunity look like, well… all of us.

If these are the central characters of our story about poverty, what layers of perceptions, myths, and realities must we unearth to find meaningful solutions and support?

“A lot people can’t tell that we’re homeless, only because we keep clean clothes and we go places where we can clean our clothes and we shower on a daily basis.

The face of income inequality, for all but a very few of us, is the one we each see in the mirror.

How many of us are poor in the UK? It depends on who you ask.

No matter the measure, within that massive group, poverty is extremely diverse. We know that some people are more affected than others, like children, the elderly.

Something each of us can do is to treat each other with the dignity and compassion that is deserved and to understand deeply that the issue of poverty touches all of us.

Few days in every week our Walk INN Food Bank put out table with free food to the public for those in need, anyone can take what they want, the food range from bakery, vegetable, ambient etc.. We will continue giving out free food to the public as long as we can.


Walk INN Food Bank

We cannot help everyone BUT everyone can help someone.

Walk INN Food Bank


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