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Giving back: The Act Of Kindness – Story

Giving back: The Act Of Kindness – Story

There are lots of things in this world that make a person feel good inside. It’s that internal “smile” if you will, that drives a lot of us to help others or assist those around us, strangers or not.


Mr “A” said he wants to remain anonymous but said we can share his story.

Last year November 2020 he was a new tenant moving into a new home. He asked the charity if we can help him out, just got a job and a new place to live in.

We visited the property and it was actually empty, he was only able to pay for his rent and deposit for an unfurnished house.

With the support of members in our community group from Lisburn and in Belfast, we were able to get him Bed, Settee, Fridge, Cooker, TV, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Kitchen utensils, Wall frame, Food parcels and cleaning products from our food bank and a few other items.

Although those items are not new but he was able to start up with it in his new home.

Today 20th Of January 2021 he walked into our office on the Holywood Road with a Cheque of £250 issued to the charity, he said

” I want to give back, this little gesture is from my wages to support the food bank and the work you do”

✨We thank you for what you have done today, you are an amazing person….🙏🙏


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