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How you can get involved

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Belfast And Lisburn Community Project work with some of most disadvantaged people in our community including homeless people, unemployed people, those suffering from drug alcohol addiction, families vulnerable women

If you enjoy spending time with people have some skills you’d like to share, we’d encourage you to make contact with us. Your skills are valuable rewards of supporting others are immense – volunteers often tell us that they receive much more than they give.

Below are some of volunteering position we are looking for :

Solicitor, Trade Professional, Nurse, Benefit Adviser, Psychologist, Fundraiser, Shop Assistant, Event Organiser, Etc.. If you have a qualification or profession that will be a kind of contribution to our cause please get in touch with us..

Why Volunteer?

Whatever you contribute through volunteering with us, whether it’s seasonal, once a week, or anything inbetween; by volunteering here you are joining a team of dedicated volunteers across our community that work hard to be advocates for positive social change.

However you get involved, volunteering with BALCProject will give you opportunity to:

Learn new skills which would be great for your CV.
Make new friends locally across region.
Meet inspiring new people, including BALCProject members, partners, clients other volunteers.
Work alongside experts in their field make a tremendous difference in fight against poverty homelessness.

We have many opportunities for volunteers;

Direct support;

From joining our rough sleeper outreach team, engaging directly with those people who are hard to house live chaotic lifestyles, assisting in drop in sessions for vulnerable women, children families, serving meals to people who would otherwise be on their own on Christmas Day, supporting those who are struggling financially, helping move families individuals into independent living, providing community outreach championship or running activities classes in community centres to providing support to help people into employment to name but a few.


As a dedicated charity bulk of our budget comes from kind giving, donations fundraising. A big part of volunteering for us involves helping us to raise much needed funds to continue expour work. All volunteers are encouraged to be involved in fundraising in some way to help sustain work we do in turn being able to offer quality volunteering opportunities.

Awareness education;

For any social issue, awareness education is key to helping people understwhy a problem exists work required to try solve it.

We place a huge emphasis on raising awareness in community to help encourage others to feel empowered to make positive change in their community. From information days, info stands at public events, community fun days social media we like to make most of what skills passions our volunteers have to engage community raise awareness.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved through volunteering, whatever your individual skill level interests. Volunteering is an excellent way of taking your valuable lifeskills experience them to benefit others in our local community.

Other ways to help;

Volunteers also help to support us in many other ways they are all vital in ensuring that we can run effectively to provide our services ensure that people know about us. You can help in various ways including:

Marketing, through PR or social media, you could organise fundraising events to raise funds create partnerships with other local organisations.

It is important that we keep letting people know we are here to help them, so you could help to get our message into community through outreach events, local fairs, fates festivals, you could encourage your work colleagues to participate in fundraising or your company to help through their social responsibility programme.

You can even advocate for us by being a casual supporter sharing our news work.

No matter your commitments or skills, volunteering is a great way to add social value to your community do something satisfying with your spare time.

Oh it’s ok to feel good about giving something back!

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Return signed Application Form by Email to: admin@balcproject.org.uk


You can also fill sign form online by clicking below button:

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The benefits of being a Fundraising Volunteer

How you’re helping
Raising money for a cause that’s close to your heart
Contributing to local fundraising events
Supporting wider fundraising team

What you’re gaining
Experiencing what working in charity sector is really like
Meeting new people making connections in charity sector
Developing valuable skills in fundraising

Skills you’ll need
Friendly, approachable resilient to setbacks
Great communicator
Excellent interpersonal teamwork skills

Skills you’ll gain
Transferable skills that will look good on your CV
Vital fundraising knowledge
Ability to foster positive working relationships in diverse organisations