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Walk INN To Help The Homeless

Belfast And Lisburn Community Project

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Walk INN
To Help The Homeless

Belfast And Lisburn Community Project is a nonpartisan organisation committed to preventing and ending homelessness in our community and to support family in need..

Our approach is tailored to the people and our community. Wherever we work, we do so with common values and the same respect for each person we meet.

Our work ranges from providing safe shelter, accommodation, food and health services to helping people affected by homelessness receive the education, employment and social services they need.

Our goal is Recycling, Ending Poverty and to empower people who face homelessness. Improving their quality of life and helping them stay off the streets for good.

Try to avoid having to spend a night on the streets. Remember, you don’t have to be living on the streets to be homeless. You are homeless if the Housing Executive believes it’s not reasonable for you to continue living in your current home. That could be because you’ve been asked to leave, because you can’t afford it anymore or because living there is damaging your health.


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Nobody truly starts out homeless. However, during one’s lifetime, various circumstances turn necessities we all take for granted, like food and shelter, into scarce resources. Whether it be mental health issues, addiction or family circumstance, some people lose their way. Most of us are too busy to see the problem.

One stereotype is that homeless people are scary, dirty, and worthless or should just get a job. We see human beings.

All profits support the BALCProject’s programs. Whether you shop, donate, or both, you’ll know that you’re making a positive impact to stop homelessness and poverty in our community.

Every donation, small or large, can have a huge impact on a person’s life.


Walk INN

Project to stop homelessness and to help the people living in the Belfast and Lisburn area, with the aim of recycling used Items that can be reused by other people living in the community.

You can help Belfast And Lisburn Community Project to feed, clothe, shelter and comfort those most in need.

You can help in a number of different ways, all donations are used to help those most in need and also to raise funds through our Charity Shop to help the Homeless:

Monetary Donations

Text / SMS donations:
To donate £1, text SNOY01 to 70201
To donate £3, text SNOY01 to 70331
To donate £5, text SNOY01 to 70970
To donate £10, text SNOY01 to 70191

Drop In Store

Donate clothes and other home accessories like shoes, jewellery, and handbags so they can be reused.
Food donations can be dropped off to support our Walk INN Foodbank for families in crisis.
We are all in this together.

Pick Up

We will even collect your donated items from your home if you dont drive.
We can pick up smaller items from your address by contacting us.

Fund Raising

Our vital services cannot be provided without the people who support us through fundraising. You could join to raise fund in any of our events.


Belfast And Lisburn Community Project Operates a Fundraising Charity Shop also Foodbank that Surpport families in crisis


Belfast And Lisburn Community Project give advice and information, Help with employment and Training


Support during Coronavirus pandemic for people in the community, such as older people and families in crisis

Latest News

Caring: We are passionate about what we do and care about each individual.
Collaborative: We work in partnership with others so as to best achieve our mission.
Dynamic: We are innovative, effective and results driven.
Enabling: Enable vulnerable people to make informed decisions about their lives.
Expert: We are authoritative, trusted and quality orientated.
Influential: We draw strength and legitimacy from the individual and combined voices and experience of homeless people and ensure that those voices are heard.

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Contact us

If you have any questions about donation, fundraising for our charity or any other queries, you can contact us below. We look forward to hearing from you and promise to respond as soon as possible.

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