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Channel 5 News Visited BALCProject Before Election In NI

Channel 5 News Visited BALCProject Before Election In NI

Walk INN Food Bank is in the heart of vulnerable people in Belfast and Lisburn. Channel 5 News visited to see how our Charity continue to support those in need with the support of volunteers and members of our community.

This is not an easy experience for anyone to be going through, but it’s particularly tough on our most vulnerable residents who are having to isolate and distance themselves from the often already limited networks they have.

Many will already have help from family, friends, carers or neighbours. But there are others that do not, and these are the people we need to make sure we reach so that they can get the support they may urgently need – even if it’s just someone to talk to.

It is, first and foremost, logical to involve the people affected in decisions about their lives. Working with the most vulnerable and supporting their proposed solutions can increase the effectiveness of initiatives by ensuring interventions are appropriate for the local context and needs.

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