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You May Be Homeless But You Are Not Faceless – Merry Christmas

You May Be Homeless But You Are Not Faceless – Merry Christmas

2021 has been a difficult year for everyone and more so for those without a roof over their heeds.

Our friends on the streets were amazed to receive Christmas gifts from our charity even though that they may be homeless they are not faceless. These are pictures of some of our friends that received Christmas gifts; some were full of tears and joy that they are not alone.

Thank you to all those that are involved, the staff from CRANE Belfast that helped us in packaging all the gifts, those who donated, volunteer and support our Christmas project for the homeless and the less privileged in our community. Without you we couldn’t have done it alone. Thanks again your really appreciated.

Our work ranges from providing safe shelter, accommodation, food and health services to helping people affected by homelessness receive the education, employment and social services they need.

Provides immediate practical support to the homeless and vulnerable

Offers support in a respectful, compassionate and non-judgemental way

Empowers people to rebuild their lives

Partners with other agencies to support positive change, accommodation and a new, sustainable lifestyle

Now, it’s up to you. Let’s do something and help people who are homeless this winter. Donate Here and help someone move forward with their lives…

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