We Gave Out 100 Bags Of Free Whole Turkey This Christmas

Belfast And Lisburn Community Project

Today 25th 2021 Christmas Day

We gave out 100 bags of Free Whole Turkey, bags of potatoes, Vegetables, fruits etc.. to Families and individuals in support of their needs this Christmas.

We are all in difficult situation, many people are lacking basic necessities such as food. Despite a lot of encouragement, despite political freedoms and psychological exhortations, many people suffer, still, most of us, in silence.

We thank everyone that is involved in this project including our supporters and members of the community who have donated, buy from our charity shop and continue to do so to support us.

Without You there is no Us.

Merry Christmas to everyone, you’re all appreciated.


Belfast And Lisburn Community Project

Walk INN Food Bank

27 Holywood Road