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An Appeal For Storage

An Appeal For Storage


We want to take a moment to thank all the donors over the last year and few months for their generous donations to support our cause helping the homeless and families in crisis.

Material donations are so helpful, however, we are unable to accept all these donations, and many more helpful ones, as we are restricted by limited space.

Over the last few months our services has rapidly expanded with the needs of our clients, however, our facilities have not. This means we are in desperate need of supporters to donate storage spaces within close range of our office to support our homeless and destitute project.

Alternatively we need to raise funds in order to expand our current facilities as one of our homeless shelter is up for sale by the owner.

If you currently have storage facilities or a property in Belfast or Lisburn that you are not using, we would love to hear from you, so we can see if this is something you can help us with.


Our Appeal For Storage

The expansion of our projects have meant that we have completely outgrown our current facilities and are in desperate need of more properties to use.

Our Housing Aid Appeal

Our housing aid appeal project to support our vulnerable homeless, destitute and refugees. This too requires further storage to avoid us turning down offers of essential household goods and items.

Service Expansion

The expansion of our growing services means we have now dramatically outgrown this facility and need a much larger work space in which to effectively deliver our services.

We need donations of finances and properties to meet this need

Therefore, in order that we can continue to grow to meet the needs of the present and the future we are looking for the following:

  • We need properties to provide homes for our homeless community.
  • We have outgrown our tiny shop front office and need much bigger premises in which to deliver our range of holistic services including our new back to home project that provides free food parcels and other essential items for our homeless.
  • We need storage space for a range of donated and other items, food and fresh produce and other equipment that we often have to turn down due to lack of storage space.
  • We need interior paint, furniture and other essential household items to help turn houses into homes.

Belfast And Lisburn Community Project

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